Jessica JIhea Kim ( B.1992)

Jessica grew up in Seoul and currently live and work in Boston, Massachusetts, and New York. In her work, she attempt to recognize her hidden character, enhance understanding of her reality, and express her interpretations of the world around her. Jessica’s paintings seek to provide a sense of calm through the abstraction of radiating light.

In her current body of work she is taking into consideration the place of abstraction within the context of the global art world, instant information, and the contemporary viewing audience. She’s a Korean artist informed by over a thousand- year old history of Asian abstraction. Jessica interested in creating visual opportunities for insights and questions about how the long tradition of abstraction from Asia differs from the western tradition, which having been in response to, as well as involved in breaking away from single point perspective.

The definition of beauty varies from person to person, as does what triggers healing, yet we all share a general sense of the possibility for sublime experiences of nature. Building on her admiration for Impressionist painters, She believes that artistic representations of nature can comfort and heal the heart. By creating a body of paintings that foster self-discovery, Jessica hope to capture the joyful mood and momentary feelings her experience in nature in a way that is accessible to viewers.